AMH - AMS - End suction Centrifugal pumps

AQUAGROUP’S “AQUATEX" Monoblock pumps are rugged, reliable and are built to withstand tough conditions like low voltages and high suction lifts. A very wide range of monoblocks to suit a variety of operating points are available.

  • Deep or shallow open well pumping with suction lift.
  • River and canal lift irrigation pumping.
  • Sprinkler and drip Irrigation systems .
  • Filter point pumping .
  • Industrial water supply and transfer
  • Cooling water circulating systems
  • Pressure boosting systems
Power Range 2.0 to 30.0 HP 2.0 to 15.0 HP
Voltage Range 340V- 440V, 50Hz, Three phase AC Power supply
Speed 2900RPM 1440 RPM
Motor Type Squirrel Cage Induction motor (TEFC Type) in Rugged Cast iron construction
Head Maximum 95 M Maximum 27 M
Discharge Maximum 2580 LPM Maximum 4086 LPM
Liquid temperature Maximum 33ºC
Operating Pressure Maximum 20 bar Maximum 20 bar
Optional Carbon Vs Ceramic Mechanical seal / bronze impeller provided on request